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Wood Carving & Engraving Drill Bit Set

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    Carve wood with speed & precision like a wood crafting pro with Wood Carving & Engraving Drill Bit Set!

    These drill bits are made of high speed steel with 3-edged blades for faster wood carving. Simply attach it into your drill and you're ready to carve in a breeze! Our drill bits provides optimal precision and detailing, resulting in a smooth, delicate finish. Let's create your own wood crafts and bring the masterpiece into life!


    • Efficient Carving
      Designed for faster wood removal. With ultra sharp shank, you can easily pare away woods much faster while leaving a smoother finish.
    • Optimal Precision & Detailing
      Make wood carving a breeze without damaging the woods! Carve accurately with a smooth finish. No retouch is needed.
    • Easy to Apply
      Simply install and remove it just like typical drill bits. No fuss, no sweat!
    • Incredible Durability
      Made of high-speed steel which is impact & corrosion-resistant. Perfect for repeated use.
    • Carve on Various Surfaces
      Can be used for wood, acrylic, PVC, ABS plastic and more.
    • Wide Applications
      Universal shank that fits most drills and Dremel tools — ideal for engraving, sculpturing, carving, and other woodworking tasks.


    • Material: High-Speed Steel
    • Shank Size: 3mm
    • Head Shaft Sizes: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm