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Toilet Timer (Classic)

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  • EXPLOSIVELY FUNNY GAG GIFT or Christmas stocking stuffer idea for your favorite stinker. Now there's a fun way to keep toilet clogging hogs from loafing around in the bathroom!
  • FOR THE LONG-POOPER OR POO-CRASTINATOR in your life. Give the gift of time management to your #1 compoodre and instantly wipe, flush, and plunge away lavatory laziness.
  • SPIN TO SET this funny timer. The Toilet Timer allows the user 5 minutes to make it happen, to go or get off the pot, or simply blame it on the dog. In the spirit of extravagant flatulence... gentlemen, fart your engines!
  • TOILET TIMER (CLASSIC) features a regular Joe seated on the golden throne, butt we also offer a few particularly bizarre models inspired by your dear old dawdling Dad, our presidential commander in relief, and White Elephant (AKA Dirty Santa) parties.
  • SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER by many good wives, desperate to regain timely access to their vanities. Katamco is proud to be an American company and happy to support gaseous humor worldwide, bringing together all countries of creed and crap under a single banner of brown.

    The Toilet Timer: For the Poo-crastinator in Your Life! Poop, or Get off the Pot.


    What Is It?

    Katamco's Toilet Timer is a unique sand timer that runs for about five minutes. Help your beloved poo-crastinator get back to the people they are trying to avoid.

    Who Is It for?

    This gift is a funny stocking stuffer for men, dads and husbands, a great gag or birthday gift, and is perfect for fathers at Christmas, or as a white elephant gift, or secret Santa gift.

    To set the timer, rotate the device clockwise 360 degrees. Set it down, do your business, and get out before your legs fall asleep.


    The Toilet Timer Story. It's a Tale of Scarcity.

    There are too many butts and not enough baños. In a perfect society, we would all have our own bathroom, pristine and private, but alas, that's not the world we live in.

    At Katamco, we stand strong in our belief that bathroom time should be distributed fairly. With the Toilet Timer, you are now empowered to regulate household bowel activity through doo process and with scientific precision.