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Car Rear Window Graphic Decal Sticker Truck SUV Van American Flag Eagle Label

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Features: *Sturdy, flexible and durable. *Adhesives, to keep everything clean, dry, smooth surfaces. *Can be applied to cars to protect cars *Type: label *Material: PVC material *Shape: national flag *Quantity: One *Size: 135 * 36 cm (54 * 14 inches) *Weight: 170g *Applicable models: This model is suitable for pickup SUV Jeep type models Installation Method: 1. Cleanse the body and keep it dry. 2. Determine the location you need to glue. Under normal circumstances, slowly stay on the side, use a tool to flatten, and figure out the background paper. 3, if the graphics are not great, you can also rip transparent transfer film and stickers. But be careful not to accidentally stick. 4, after the paste, and then scrape repeatedly several times. Peel the transparent transfer film. 5, on the door and sewing with a knife to draw a knife, internally wrapped stickers. 6. Do not let the car's and body's label have any separation or protrusion. Packing List: 1 * car stickers